The Vision

Impact Urban America's vision is to assist in the transformation of urban communities, allowing its residents the opportunity to develop their human potential by setting goals, becoming contributors to society and achieving their dreams.


Impact Urban America (IUA)┬áis committed to economic and community transformation. For nearly two decades, IUA and its affiliates have been providing social benefit services to all aspects of America’s urban communities including municipalities, faith communities and institutions. What makes IUA unique is its focus on strategic partnerships rather than competitive thinking; we are committed to the future we are creating by working alongside others in the community as a complement to their endeavors rather than a competitor. IUA is a conduit to untapped resources lying dormant in every community! Because we are solution-driven rather than problem-conscious, we have the freedom to apply strategies to otherwise re-occurring problems. IUA utilizes reverse engineering to assist in the process of rediscovering the values, ethics, and disciplines that lead to unity, self-discovery, self-sufficiency, and ultimately prosperity. Please browse our History, Team Bio’s and Commendations to learn more about us and our success!