Economic Development

Economic & Community Development:
Impact Urban America (IUA) believes that economic and community development is the key to human development; critical to human development is total commitment to the strategy and implementation of a clear vision.

Economic & Community Development Services: Include, but are not limited, to the following:
A comprehensive program that includes leadership and mentoring, life and job skills, and community development. IUA’s leadership and mentoring training programs are tailored to the specific needs of each community: true leadership is about bettering the lives of the people around you. Because of this, IUA’s programs start with a specific road map for a successful life which incorporate goals, values, and a clear vision. Our employment training takes into consideration the skills and tools necessary to be competitive in today’s job market. The expertise these programs provide will be in the form of basic life skills, self discipline, and job readiness (work ethics, work expectations, conflict resolution, dressing for success, and preparation for increased responsibilities.) Our community development program focuses on utilizing the resources, relationships, and partnership strategies to accomplish community goals. IUA will assess and determine how best to utilize specific, strategic alliances where urban and suburban faith communities partner for the good of the socially responsible recipients. This can culminate in the form of mutually beneficial leadership, mentoring, job readiness, and employment opportunities for the communities directly impacted. IUA assists in building a bridge for the needs of the urban community with the desires and capabilities of our suburban partners.