Community Transformation

Specializing in Community Transformation & Urban Redevelopment.
The IUA three keys to Community Transformation are:
Diversity & Unity — Education & Technology — Health & Wellness

Community Transformation:
Impact Urban America (IUA) believes that true transformation and development meet in the middle: it is just as important to touch the hearts of the people as it is to change the physical landscape of the community. To change one without the other is a temporary solution at best!

Community Transformation Services: Include, but are not limited, to the following:
A comprehensive understanding of communities’ concerns. At IUA, we take into account both the past and the present when considering the future. This may include serious issues among residents, such as deferred maintenance, crime, gangs, drugs, illiteracy, and even a lack of dignity. We also consider what makes a community unique, and what positive characteristics can be preserved or even improved upon in the future. From there IUA performs an in-depth evaluation of problems, and then provides practical, strategic solutions in real time. By working in conjunction with local service partners, law enforcement, institutions, faith communities, social services, and foundations, IUA implements these solutions by maintaining a clear set of goals and objectives and taking decisive steps toward reaching those goals. IUA is at the heart of urban and inner-city transformation, and provides realistic and replicable models that result in sustainable solutions for community revitalization.