Urban Real Estate Development

Urban Real Estate Development:
Impact Urban America (IUA) believes that once a community has a strategic plan and is committed to revitalization, the people within that community will become positive role models and investors in society!

Urban Real Estate Development Services: Include, but are not limited, to the following:
A comprehensive assessment of all relevant real estate, including a strategic urban analysis of both improved and unimproved land and structures. From there, IUA establishes the present market value and then determines the highest and most efficient use of assets within the community. IUA will determine whether there is development potential to increase the density in the form of lot splits, parcel maps, subdivisions, or master plans. IUA also conducts an evaluation of existing debt structures, and then pursues realistic restructuring strategies. During this time we determine potential investors’ participation or joint ventures within the restructuring of debt, if applicable. In the event that restructuring debt is not attainable, IUA will find alternative uses, if possible, for the existing structures that may not be living up to their potential. If liquidation of assets becomes a necessity, we will attempt to identify both public and private funding to assist in the liquidation strategy. However, IUA recognizes that given current market conditions, not all debt restructuring will be economically viable.